S.no Go's Title Go's Number and Go's Date Download
Announcement made by Hon'ble Minister for Health and Family Welfare in the floor of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly during the Demand No. 19 - (Announcement No.74) G.O.(Ms).No.62 Dt: 21.02.2022
Disbursement Linked Indicator (DLI 5)- Provision of funds towards printing of Family Planning (FP) card for 10 priority districts to Directorate of Family Welfare G.O.(Ms).No.63 Dt: 21.02.2022
Disbursement Linked Indicator (DLI 5) - Provision of funds towards Provision of Family Welfare Help Desk at Secondary and Tertiary Care Hospitals in 10 priority districts to Directorate of Family Welfar G.O.(Ms).No.64 Dt: 21.02.2022
Implementation of Tamil Nadu Operational Research Program(ORP) G.O.(Ms).No.44 Dt: 02.02.2022
Truma & Mental Health Wing-Strengthening of Government Hospital Pattukottai and Thanjavur Reappropriation of funds. G.O.(Ms).No.36 Dt: 27.01.2022
Truma & Mental Health Wing-Strengthening of Government Hospital Pattukottai and Thanjavur. G.O.(Ms).No.36 Dt: 27.01.2022
Project Management for The Recurring and Non-Recurring expenditure. G.O.(Ms).No.15 Dt: 07.01.2022
Operation of Free Hearse Service and drop Back Service (JSSk) through GVK-EMR instead Red Cross Socity G.O.(Ms).No.581 Dt: 24.12.2021
Provision of Funds towards Strengthering of Truma & Emergency. G.O.(Ms).No.575 Dt: 22.12.2021
Provision of Funds towards recurring Depression/Stress Management Helpline G.O.(Ms).No.550 Dt: 10.12.2021
Conducting Health Assemblies in 10 Districts and State Health Assembly for the year 2021-2022 - Sanctioned G.O.(Ms) No.548 Dt: 06.12.2021
Setting up a dedicated 293 ambulances for goverment medical college hospital and Goverment hospitals based on the demands and needs G.O.(Ms) No.544 Dt: 02.12.2021
Project for Accredilation of 70 Primary & 20 Secondary Health Care Facilities. G.O.(Ms).No.541 Dt: 29.11.2021
Establishment of Suicide Helpline through collaboration between National Health Mission and Sneha Foundation. G.O.(Ms).No.512 Dt: 16.11.2021
Implementation Of Health Care Improvement in 142 Primary & 62 Secondary Health Care Facility and 190 Primary & 83 Secondary Health Care Facilities. G.O.(Ms).No.482 Dt: 01.11.2021
Trauma Registry - 11 MCH G.O.(Ms) No.449 Dt: 21.10.2021
Strengthening of Trauma _ Emergency Care at GH,Pattukottai G.O.(Ms) No.442 Dt: 11.10.2021
Procurement of Ante Natal Kit G.O.(Ms).No.441 Dt: 11.10.2021
Health and Family Welfare G.O.(Ms).No.436 Dt: 07.10.2021
Depression stress managemaent hot line G.O.(Ms).No.407 Dt: 06.10.2021
AMENDMENT GO G.O.(Ms).No.410 Dt: 20.09.2021
ORP year 2 G.O.(Ms) No.323 Dt: 16.07.2021
Amendment Esta of Emergency dept, at all existing 25 GMCH G.O.(Ms) No.311 Dt: 02.07.2021
Implementation of QoC strategy G.O.(Ms).No.230 Dt: 04.05.2021
RCH - Strengthening of full Antenatal Care - Amendment on G.O.(Ms)No.189 Dt: 30.03.2021
TNHSRP - NCD - Amendment G.O.(Ms).No. 188 Dt: 29.03.2021
Amendment of G.O. No. 456 - RCH - Strengthening the Usage of Modern Contraception Method G.O.(Ms) No.48 Dt: 12.03.2021
Conducting State and District Health Assemblies G.O.(D.) NO. 376 Dt: 26.02.2021
RCH - Admin Sanction - Conts addi build GH Ambur, Thirupathur Dist G.O.(Ms) No.48 Dt: 03.02.2021
RCH -Admin Sanction - Conts addi build GH Ambur, Thirupathur Dist G.O.(Ms).NO.175 Dt: 03.02.2021
Upgradation and strengtheing of Truama care center - Amendment G.O.(Ms).No.32 Dt: 27.01.2021
Upgradation and Strengthening of Trauma Care Centers G.O.(Ms) No.32 Dt: 27.01.2021
Amendment RCH Modern Contraception Method G.O.(Ms) No.9 Dt: 11.01.2021
Trauma Registry G.O.(Ms).No.519 Dt: 03.12.2020
Amount 51,00,000 towards Implemtation of Second year activity Quality Improvement Inverventions of TNHSRP (15) G.O.(Ms).No.515 Dt: 03.12.2020
Stregthning of Immunization Services G.O.(Ms).No.516 Dt: 03.12.2020
RCH- constraint study G.O.(Ms) No.492 Dt: 27.11.2020
RCH ANC G.O.(Ms) No.418 Dt: 18.11.2020
Environmental strategy G.O G.O.(Ms) No.196 Dt: 18.11.2020
Environmental Strategy for Health Care facilities in Tamil Nadu G.O.(Ms) No.196 Dt: 18.11.2020
Towards implementation G.O.(Ms).No.424 Dt: 05.11.2020
Upgradation and Strengthening of trauma care centers G.O.(Ms).No.443 Dt: 02.11.2020
GO.424 NCD streghten management G.O.(Ms) No.424 Dt: 22.10.2020
ED Creation G.O.(Ms).No.425 Dt: 22.10.2020
Hardware of Trauma Registry G.O.(Ms).No.449 Dt: 21.10.2020
Establishment of Depression Hotline G.O.(Ms).No.407 Dt: 06.10.2020
STEPS Survey- Additional Fund G.O.(Ms).No.405 Dt: 06.10.2020
Procuremnet of 500 ambulances G.O.(Ms) No.292 Dt: 04.08.2020
Health Policy G.O.(Ms).No.154 Dt: 24.03.2020
QoC stratergy G.O.(Ms).No.155 Dt: 24.03.2020
NCD G.O.(Ms).No.156 Dt: 24.03.2020
Health Assembly G.O.(Ms).No.157 Dt: 24.03.2020
Operational research G.O.(Ms).No.162 Dt: 24.03.2020
RAN QuEST G.O.(Ms).No.158 Dt: 24.03.2020
HMIS G.O.(Ms).No.159 Dt: 24.03.2020
Establishment of Project Management Unit G.O.(2D).No.158 Dt: 16.10.2019
Administrative sanction of TNHSRP G.O.(2d).No.141 Dt: 05.09.2019
STEPS Survey through Institute of Community Medicine G.O.(D).No.352 Dt: 08.08.2019
Contracting the services of an IVA for Verification of the results achievement of the DLI G.O.(ms).No.53 Dt: 28.02.2019
Implementation - Constitution of State Empowered Committee G.O.(2D).No.17 Dt: 14.02.2019
Principal Secretary to Govt authorised to enter into MoU for implementation of TNHSRP G.O.(d).No.218 Dt: 05.02.2019
TNHSRP - Constitution of PPT and other committees G.O.(Ms).No.18 Dt: 28.01.2019
Constitution of Project Steering Committee G.O.(2d).No.8 Dt: 22.01.2019
Implementation of TNHSRP - Constitution of Project Planning Team G.O.(Ms).No.176 Dt: 10.05.2018