Program Development Objectives (PDO) and PDO Level Results Indicators

The PDO is to improve quality of care, strengthen management of non-communicable diseases and injuries, and reduce inequities in reproductive and child health services in Tamil Nadu.

The PDO will be achieved by supporting strengthening of the Tamil Nadu Health System. The Program supports a combination of technical interventions and cross-cutting institutional strengthening interventions to achieve the PDO results. The outcome indicators in Table 2 will be used to measure the achievement of the three parts of the PDO. Intermediate outcome indicators can be found in annex 2.

PDO-Level Results Indicators Quality of Care NCDs & Injuries Equity
1. Increased number of public facilities with quality certification (primary, secondary, and tertiary care) (with a focus on priority districts)
2. Improved scores in quality dashboard for primary, secondary, and tertiary facilities
3. Increased screening in public sector facilities for cervical and breast cancers
4. Increased share of adults with hypertension or diabetes whose blood pressure or blood sugar are under control
5. Improved provision of quality trauma care services
6. Increased utilization of reproductive & child health services in priority districts